About Us

Suresh-Ramesh Shirt Co. is the brain child of designer Nida Mahmood. Fondly named by the Indian media, as the Queen of Kitsch, Nida has created a phenomenal design legacy over almost 15 years of her design career.


Every Suresh has a Ramesh.

It could be your sibling, your spouse or your bae.

Your mother, your father or your bestie.

Gender doesn’t count, it is who you really jive with in the real sense.

Brand Suresh-Ramesh Shirt Co believes in gender equality and inclusivity.


With lines blurring between gender divide, our brand ethos circles around gender-neutral shirts and other easy silhouettes that both sexes can wear, like variations of shirts and cool kurtas in varying lengths. Varieties of prints, colors and techniques that remind you of cool India is our gold mine that we dive into, to support our design sensibility.


As a subsidiary of brand Nida Mahmood, our design ethos remains rooted to India much like the parent brand.

Re-invention is key. Suresh Ramesh Shirt co. draws inspiration from India’s design heritage and its people.

The brand reimagines Indian tradition to fit modern consumer needs.

The designs are fun and light hearted.

Inspired by different nuances of “Indian-ness”, the brand believes in delivering a product that resonates with the “Indian” in us.

Modern yet contemporary, quirky yet touching tradition, classic yet effervescent.

Our product is versatile and meant for day as well as evenings.

We are 100% swadeshi and believe in circularity of fashion.